Refrigeration plays an important role in developing countries, primarily for the preservation of food, medicine, and for air conditioning. Conventional refrigeration systems are using Freon as refrigerant. As they are the main cause for depletion of ozone layer, extensive research work is going on alternate refrigeration systems. Vortex tube is a non conventional cooling device, having no moving parts which will produce cold air and hot air from the source of compressed air without affecting the environment. When a high pressure air is tangentially injected into vortex chamber a strong vortex flow will be created which will be split into two air streams, one hot stream and the other is cold stream at its ends. An experimental investigation is to be performed in order to realize the behavior of a vortex tube system. In this work attention has to be focused on the classification of the parameters affecting vortex tube operation. The effective parameters are divided into two different types, namely geometrical and thermo-physical ones. A reliable test rig is to be designed and constructed to investigate the effect of geometrical parameters i.e. Diameter and length of main tube, diameter of outlet orifice, shape of entrance nozzle. Thermo-physical parameters are inlet gas pressure, type of gas, cold gas mass ratio and moisture of inlet gas.


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