High speed generation derives its motivation from a variety of applications such as concentrated solar power (CSP) generation, hybrid automotive power generation and aero-space. Research is actively been pursued in the field of power generation using solar heat, where novel thermodynamic cycles like supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) Brayton and Organic Rankine Cycles are considered as superior options over conventional steam and gas turbine based cycles. The inherent feature of these cycles is high speed turbomachinery which demands a compatible high speed generator for an efficient turbo-generator power block. Switched reluctance (SR) machines are inherently advantageous for high-speed operation since the rotor is magnet free, carries no current, and can be constructed using a single material. This project investigates the structural and rotodynamic aspects of a 5 kW, 10000 rpm, 6/4 pole switched reluctance generator. The rotor is devoid of laminations and is a single solid body. The simulated results are validated experimentally on a 1:10 scaled down model.


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