HiLink-PM01 AC-DC Power Module 220V to 5V



  • voltage input: AC: 90 ~ 264V
  • High efficiency, high power density
  • Low power consumption, environmental protection, no-load loss <0.1W
  • Operation Temperature: -20 — +60°C
  • Rated input voltage: 100-220VAc
  • Maximum input current: <0.2A
  • Input current surge: <10A
  • Input Low Voltage Efficiency: Vin=110VAc, Output full-load: 69%
  • Input High Voltage Efficiency: Vin=220VAc, output full-load: 70%
  • Load rated output voltage: +5±0.1
  • Shell maximum surface temperature does not exceed 60°C
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Hi-Link AC-DC Power Module HiLink-PM01 220V to 5V SMPS Step-Down Module is PCB mounted plastic enclosed isolated switching step-down power supply module. It can supply 5V DC from 120V AC – 220V AC.


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