Gyrodrive Empowering The Efficient Future

Gyrodrive Machineries’ Magnet Free SRM Motors, the cutting-edge solution for sustainable and efficient power in vehicles, appliances and various industrial applications. These state-of-the-art motors are designed to revolutionize the way we harness energy, providing exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Problems that we are addressing

There is a huge surge in demand of electric vehicle motors and controllers, which is ridden with supply chain issues, technological challenges and environmental implications

Growing EV Demand

  • Electric Vehicle Market is Growing with a CAGR of 14%
  • Motors and Drives are the Heart of any EV
  • Govt. Plans to increase share of EV’s by 30 % by 2028

$25+ Billion

Technological Challenges

  • Reduced Torque at High Temperatures
  • High Cost of Spares
  • Permanent Damage at High Temperatures & Low Reliability Due to  Phase Fault

High Temperature

Supply Chain Challenges

  • Monopoly on Magnets Controllers and Drives
  • India Doesn’t have any Share of Rare Earth Materials Market
  • More than 90% Rare Earth Elements are Imported


Carbon Footprint

  • Mining of Rare Earth Materials used for Permanent Magnets Leads to Radioactive Pollution
  • Carbon Footprint ~ 200 CO2 eq/year

Rare Earth ~ Toxic

SRM Motors

The Solution Magnet Free SRM Motors

Completely in-house designed and developed Motors and controllers.

  • High Power and Energy Density
  • Extreme Reliability and Robustness
  • Unmatched efficiency across the drive cycle

Unique Features

  • In house Software for Design, Tuning and Health Prediction
  • High Quality and Cost-effective Drive Solutions
  • Close Linkages with Supply Chain and Client OEMs
  • Magnet Free Designs Lead to Reliable Supply Chain
  • Minimal Cost Fluctuations


The advantages with Gyrodrive Motors and Controllers

Energy Savings

Save 50% energy costs with efficiency matching SRM motors.

Reduced Footprint

30% Less CO2 consumed with sustainable raw materials.

No Supply Risk

0% requirement of hard to source Rare Earth Minerals

Cost Advantage

40% Lower cost from eliminating costly Rare Earth magnets.


Applications of SRM Motor


Electric Vehicles

Scalable Technology

Application across vehicle segments

Extend Range

In medium and high speed drive cycles


Power dense with high torque output


Making EVs Affordable. Performance at fraction of the cost

Isometric flat illustration concept. two men maintaining an HVAC cooler


Lower Operating Costs

Higher full load and partial load efficiencies

Drop In Replacement

Standard enclosure and control interface

Better ROIs

investments for best-in-class energy savings

Mechanical robotic arm with gripper isolated on white. Vector illustration.

Industrial Applications


Simple motors for the toughest environments and demands

Drop In Replacement

Standard enclosure and control interface

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor and predict for zero down-times

Realistic washing machine mockup. Modern laundromat, 3d laundry, washing appliance for household chores. Vector bathroom equipment for cloth washing.


Lower Emissions

Reduce energy demand and carbon emissions


Power dense with high torque output


Accelerating adoption of efficient technologies

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