Welcome To Gyrodrive Machineries

Gyrodrive Machineries was founded in 2018 by alumni of IISc Bangalore with an aim to develop engineering solutions for real world problems. Leveraging the skills of product design, robotics, electronics and cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, Gyrodrive Machineries has developed products for multiple sectors like defence, medical devices, industrial automation, and energy storage. With exceptional product development and technical capabilities, Gyrodrive Machineries has launched the best in class products in last 2 years.

Our Products

Controlled Resuscitation, Lung Mechanics Display, Ventilation

Linear Actuator

Device Feature

  • Adjustable Respiration Rate [ 10– 30 BPM ]
  • Adjustable Tidal Volume [ 50 – 700 mL ]
  • Disconnection Alarm
  • Lung Parameter Display
  • Pressure Relief [40 – 60 cm H2O ]
  • Battery Backup [4 hours].

Our Services


  • Medical Product Design
  • Regulatory and Testing
  • ISO 13485
  • Product Design and Prototyping