Medical Equipment


Controlled Resuscitation, Lung Mechanics Display, Ventilation

RC Device provides a low-cost solution for reliable and effective ventilatory support to patients suffering from respiratory insufficiency. A user-friendly interface allows for easy setting of parameters like respiration rate and tidal volume while the inbuilt lung parameter monitoring system ensures the patient safety.

  • Adjustable Respiration Rate [ 10– 30 BPM ]
  • Adjustable Tidal Volume [ 50 – 700 mL ]
  • Disconnection Alarm
  • Lung Parameter Display
  • PEEP [ 5 – 20 cm H2O ]
  • Pressure Relief [40 – 60 cm H2O ]
  • Battery Backup [4 hours].



 Key Ventilator Specification

Minimum Controllable Parameters RC Device Compliance Remarks
Respiration Rate (RR) = 8 to 30 BPM Yes RR button on the user interface
Tidal Volume (TV) = 200 to 800 ml Yes TV button on the user interface
I/E Ratio = 1:2 (Better if Adjustable) Yes I/E button on the user interface
Airway Pressure Management
Maximum Pressure Limit = 40 cm Yes Relief valve on BVM
Plateau Pressure Limit = 30 cm Yes Needs additional attachment not in this device
Mechanical Pressure Relief Valve Yes Pressure Relief Valve is present on BVM outlet
Display of Plateau Pressure and PEEP Yes Pressure sensor module has to be separately bought
PEEP of 5-15 cm Yes Standard PEEP kit can be incorporated
Failure Mode Manual Override
In case of failure of automatic Ventilation, the switch over to manual Ventilation should be fast. Yes The device uses a silicone BVM which can be operated manually by opening the device main opening door. The whole operation of manual override takes not more than 6-8 seconds
Prevention against Volu-trauma Yes
Prevention against barotrauma Yes
Air Quality Control
FiO2 Adjustment Yes Has to be done by the trained healthcare professional
HEPA Filtration at Patient End Yes Module can be installed at BVM end of endotracheal tube
Heat and Moisture Control Yes Standard Humidifiers can be installed
Alarms and Notifications
Device Failure Alarm Should be Present Yes Alarm gets triggered in case of disconnection and internal mechanical failure.
Power Supply 
Input: 220 V – 50 Hz – 24 W Yes 220 V AC to 12 V – 2 A DC
Backup Yes 4         hour Battery backup