About Us

About Us:

Gyrodrive Machineries was founded in 2018 by alumni of IISc Bangalore with an aim to develop engineering solutions for real-world problems. Leveraging the skills of product design, robotics, electronics, and cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, Gyrodrive Machineries has developed products for multiple sectors like defence, medical devices, industrial automation, and energy storage. With exceptional product development and technical capabilities, Gyrodrive Machineries has launched the best in class products in the last 2 years.

  • Linear Actuator GM LA100
  • Linear Actuator GM LA600
  • Gas Bearing GMAB50K
  • Switched Reluctance Motor GMSRM5K
  • Low-Cost Ventilator RC Device V.1

Gyrodrive Machineries has been nurtured by IISc Bangalore, PGIMER Chandigarh, and is currently backed by Venture Center Pune. Gyrodrive Machineries aims to be a leading product design and manufacturing company which provides solutions to various real world problems which require unique and novel engineering solutions and create wealth for the overall Make in India ecosystem.

Gyrodrive Machineries has been awarded a letter of intent by the Airport Authority of India as per their start-up India mission for the year-2020.


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Creating Progressive healthcare support to People and society.


To provide affordable solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases through novel interventional applications of mathematical modeling, experimental engineering, and design research.


Gyrodrive MachineriesTM serves the medical healthcare industry with more than just current products. We endeavor to go the extra mile for our customers and stakeholders by means of

  • Innovating medical devices making technology friendlier to the people.
  • Establishing dedicated customer contacts throughout our organization.
  • The company strives at all times to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • Offering proficient, flexible and trustworthy quality service to our customers.
  • Being Available for the customer when needed.
  • Providing better training and solutions to our employees and partners.
  • Delivering the service smoothly, with confidence, and at first priority.
  • By taking care of the environment we thrive for eco-friendly working culture.
  • Values
  • Customer Priority: We always thrive for their needs and meet.
  • Design Focus: Our Teamwork in collaboration with other interdisciplinary departments and satisfy the the objective.
  • Teamwork: We all work in a team and we work with sincerity at all levels.

Our Team

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