Eshan Dhar

Eshan Dhar

Chief Technology Officer and Director

M.E IISc Bangalore, PG Diploma Nuclear B.A.R.C, B-tech NIT Srinagar, Ex-Scientific Officer Department of Atomic Energy, Researcher Solar Energy Sandia National Lab USA


Gyrodrive Machineries was founded in 2018 by our visionary leader and CTO, Eshan Dhar. With a deep passion for motor design and a strong technical background, Eshan Dhar has been instrumental in shaping the technological direction of the company.

Eshan Dhar expertise in motor physics, control systems, and advanced simulation techniques has played a key role in our ability to develop high-performance motors. Their innovative mindset and constant exploration of emerging technologies have kept Gyrodrive Machineries at the forefront of the industry.

As CTO, Eshan has fostered a culture of technical excellence within Gyrodrive Machineries. They have assembled a team of talented engineers who share their commitment to pushing the boundaries of motor design. Eshan encourages a collaborative environment where creativity thrives, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge motor solutions to our clients.

With a focus on sustainability, Eshan has championed the development of environmentally friendly motor designs. By optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact, Eshan has ensured that Gyrodrive Machineries solutions contribute to a greener future.

In addition to their technical expertise, Eshan plays a vital role in fostering partnerships and collaborations within the industry. Their ability to build strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and research institutions has expanded Gyrodrive Machineries network and accelerated our access to the latest advancements in motor technology.

Under CTO continued leadership, remains committed to pushing the boundaries of motor design, embracing emerging technologies, and delivering exceptional solutions to our valued clients.